Stylish LED Bathroom Lighting

Stylish LED Bathroom Lighting

In a modern household, it is important to ensure each room incorporates both style and efficiency into the design. There are many ways to enhance the appearance of a room; adding modern fixtures, hi-tech appliances and contemporary styles of interior décor all combine to create a space that would dazzle any guest. How can we be sure that we are adding a stylish feature to a room whilst being energy efficient at the same time? Well, in this article we’ll be taking a look at how you can do exactly that, with the use of modern LED lighting.

Flexible Lighting In recent years, energy efficient lighting has become every bit as fashionable as standard lighting; many people are put off due to the design of the first energy saving bulbs, but the range of LED lights now on the market is now vast and varied. Down light or recessed lighting is particularly effective in modern bathrooms; the clear glass shower screens or glimmering surface of tiled floor and walls look fantastic when complimented by high quality light from above. These lights are particularly effective when fitted with the intention of highlighting a feature such as your basin and mirror area, or shower enclosure. LED illuminated mirrors are another great way of adding a stylish twist to a modern bathroom with the use of lighting; not only do they look great, but they are much more practical when it comes to close-up grooming sessions before work or a night on the town!

Save Money and the Planet! In the standard household, lighting accounts for over 60% of our annual energy usage, and with the price of energy generally on the increase year-on-year, it stands to reason that we need to reduce the amount of energy we are wasting in order to save money. LED lights require far less electricity than standard bulbs to emit light, and by simply replacing old and obsolete lighting in your home (making a stylish start on this task in the bathroom!) you are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the cutting of costs of your yearly electricity bill. As if that wasn’t reason enough, the quality of light emitted by LED bulbs is far greater than that from old bulbs and lighting; the bright crisp lighting illuminates a room easily. Using LED lighting in your bathroom is a much more stylish, energy efficient, money saving and room illuminating alternative to standard lighting. Be sure to check out the available range of LED lighting and find the fitting which is perfect for your bathroom, and your home! This article was written by Alexandra, an experienced blogger on the aspect of contemporary interior design for Liberty Bathrooms who provide an excellent range of free standing baths for the ultimately stylish bathroom.

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