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Junction box for bathroom light fixture

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Electrical box for bathroom light fixture

washrooms and also other rooms, require lighting, as well as, according to European specifications developed in 2002 by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), is a solitary requirement – ISO 8995, untukkamar shower as well as commode – 200lk (for hallways as well as lounge – 100lk).

install ceiling light in the restroom, you need to follow this specification, because, firstly, they secure our wellness, and in particular – the body organ of vision as well as saraf.Bagaimana system determines the lighting in the restroom as well as the best ways to mount the lights – we will see in This article.

junction box for bathroom light fixture

Latin word lux implies light, and also in this context is taken as a system of light, stood for in Russian as lux, and also InternasionalUnit Air conditioner (SI) – lx.Dan now, let’s see, just what to fixtures for the shower room ceiling unt

Of all, allow’s comprehend from suite.Jadi for the shower room light on European standards is 200lk norm, which, if the suite is one of the lumens (light result straight each 1m2 location), after that a bath with an area of 5m2 need 1,000 lm (lumens) Currently, these figures must be converted right into watts.

electrical box for bathroom light fixture

Bathroom light fixture no box

Due to the fact that we consider the ceiling installations for the restroom, then the circulation of light, naturally, would certainly be a direct connection as well as 200lk = 200lm/ m2 will certainly be kenyataan.Mempertimbangkan possibility of lights, such as incandescent light bulbs with 75W creates a luminescent flux of 935lm, nearly enough to 5m2 chamber of ISO 8995.

Using this understanding and also this table, you can effortlessly take a shower langitkamar ceiling lighting in the best amount and also the right type, considering that the center needs to 200lm/ m2.

Let’s aim to count the number of lights in the restroom the size of 1.7 × 2.5 m, spacious 4,25 m2.Atas standard ISO 8995 worldwide demand for washroom lighting 200lk needed, after that turn 4,25 m2 4.25 × 200 = 850lm. Bagaimana lumens is divided right into light?

As an instance, we will mount shower room fixtures for ceiling 2,7 Vt power LEDs, and in accordance with the table in 10W LED light emits a luminescent flux 860lm. Hal is not difficult to guess that in locations with a should 850lm need four (4) LED lights on 2,7 Vt.Ini will are with the shares it does not hurt.

Thank you guys for reading led bathroom lighting and do not forget to read this Bathroom light fittings

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